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I thought it was enough and it was all nice! The large swimming pool was our favorite. The food court was nice. We did the dining plan so I was a little confused on some items but after the first couple of days I got a hang of it. They had a nice selection of items and everyone could get what they wanted. They were a favorite! The buses were awesome! We were the FIRST ones on the bus so if you were at the Movie or the Music resort you might have to wait for another bus if that one was full already!

So, I was happy for were the first ones on. We were dropped off right at the front of the gates and then picked back up in the same spot. Most were arriving but we had already had our Tusker House breakfast and were heading back to the hotel so we could get to the airport and it was a LONG wait for a bus that was going back to All Star Sports. Other than that we never had a long wait and got there in a very short amount of time. We had a wonderful time we just got home actually! We choose this resort for my husband and my first anniversary in I had never stayed there so it was something we got to do for the 1st time together.

Since it was just the 2 of us we did not need much space and were very happy with the room. It was great for just the 2 of us, though. It is what I would describe as a very typical hotel room…but with Disney flair! The pools were great. Be prepared for constant activity! I think the All Start Sports pools are exactly what a young family is looking for. The sports fields are neat to play on, too. My husband and I played catch on the football field not for very long, though, as it WAS July in Orlando so it got too hot in the sun very quickly… And, of course, we took pictures in front of all the neat WAY larger than life sports equipment.

I thought the food court was great. We were both able to find healthy, good food at all times of the day. Again, we were not traveling with children at that time and so waiting was not a big deal for us so I might not have paid as much attention to the timing as I would now with a screaming baby!

It all depends on when you are trying to get on the buses. We would definitely stay here again! My husband and I are coming by ourselves! Thanks for posting this article and for the comments from the readers.

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This info is helpful. The last two times we have traveled to Disney we stayed at Poly so we are a bit spoiled as far as accomodations. So again thanks for the info.

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Also at this resort, in the back of the seating area in the food court is little tables and chairs for kids to color at. Also they feature a coloring contest daily, pick a picture to color and hand it in to a cast member in the food court. I believe the prize is a free meal plus your childs picture displayed on the wall for all to see.

I have a picture of my daughters from last year. The last stay, at Sports, we had Free Dining, all other times we have paid for our food. Also note, we always drive so we can bring as much luggage as we want. The rooms can be a bit cramped if you OVER pack. I use a garment bag for my husband and me as well as a big suitcase then the kids have their own smaller cases. We usually just use it to shower, change and sleep. I pretty much addressed this above.

All 3 resorts are very comparable in size and layout. Always clean and the staff is awesome. They just have more Disney to them and that is part of the whole experience from check in to departure. Our favorite is All Star Movies. It can get seriously crazy in there. They were in and out of the food court in wet swimsuits and pretty loud. We even saw a few heated discussions amongst sports rival, not what I want my kids to see at Disney. But having said that, if you are staying there in conjuction with a sporting event, it is a great fit.

We ended up rarely eating at the Food Court because it was chaotic. Movies just had a serene feeling to it. Everything flowed so nicely. Movies was my favorite but each resort has pluses and minuses. Sports had a nice food court. We ate breakfast and supper there each day. The Value resorts get the raw end of the deal.

Having 1 bus to run all 3 All Stars is horrible. If you go out at Sports when one of the big Sports groups is waiting, you will be forever. The walk from the parks to the buses, especially at night with tired kids, is awful!

The lines can sometimes be a 2 to 3 bus wait. In , the line for AK was out of the rails and backed up past several stops. Finally Disney started calling in more buses and eventually we were triple loading buses. I would also like to see special busses for handicaps. The scooters can take up 3 seats and they put 2 on a bus taking away 6 seats. Then the person on the scooter has to sit in a regular seat so 8 total seats are lost.

It can really be taxing late at night when you had stood in that line for 20 minutes. We have traveled 2 times with wheelchairs and it would be so much better to have them specially accomodated. The wait time to get a bus eiher way can be nuts to. We saw the resort next to us load 3 times, each time half full, before our bus back to the resort came. One morning, we waited over 30 minutes for a bus to DHS.

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Finally an Epocot bus showed up so we jumped over there and then road the boat to DHS. I will always stay Value.

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My mom offered to pay to upgrade us and we turned it down. In the end, even with the bus problems and the sports groups, we were always glad we stayed Value. That one was a bit to much as far as the kids overrunning the resort. I tried to research online to see if any big competitions were being held and I thought we had made a safe choice. The only days that were good were Tues, Wed and Thurs morn, then the cycle starts over. Being that we had a wheelchair member of our party, we had to walk to the ramp to get to our rooms from the main building.

My grandmother is on oxygen and it was horrible. And I have heard bus complaints from guests of other resorts as well. It was the best deal when I booked my vacation What were the resort rooms like? The rooms are basic and provide the basic needs in a hotel room Were they big enough for your family? Never stayed with my family.

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Stayed here on a solo trip with friends. The rooms were kept clean and the maid provided towel animals during my stay. The value resorts will provide the basic amenities. Cable TV, Internet fee , resort buses, multiple pools, food court, gift shop, concierge, arcade, and laundry. When I traveled in December it was a little too cool for me at the pool but it would have been my favorite. It was adequate. Nothing fancy but filling and simple.

The hamburger was pretty tasty after a long day at the park. When I traveled it was during the Pop Warner football tournaments and the buses were swamped! Had a great deal on a rental so I used it to go from park to park and resort to resort. Not too bad. Some buildings were a lot farther away. Pretty far…another reason I drove. Not bad in the mornings but a long walk at the end of a busy day. I did check them out to test taking the buses toward the end of my stay. Mornings and evenings are the busiest.

At park close be aware that some people can get very cranky and not be very nice waiting their turn for the buses. It is sad but something I have noticed more over the last 10 years. If not, please provide a reason ASMU would not be my first choice in value resorts…Pop Century has that title but it is a good alternative for a reasonably priced room. We knew a cast member who could get us a discount rate, so we decided to try staying on site — something we had never done before.

We found the room to be a bit small. If all you plan on doing is collapsing in a heap on the bed and grabbing a quick shower, then you are fine. It was me, my husband, and our almost 5 year old. Oh, and the beds I found to be very uncomfortable. We actually did not eat at the food court — we were only there for an extended weekend and we ate in the parks.

Buses were clean, drivers friendly, walk to the bus stop was out the front door of the resort and you were there. Resort bus stops at parks were well defined, easy to get to. Walk from bus stop to gate of park — short. Crowd levels on buses — the only bad time we had was when we left Epcot after Illuminations and then the buses got crowded and there was a group of teenagers or young adults who were very rowdy and rambunctious — a bit much for us.

Due to the small size of the rooms, we would not stay at All Star Sports again. Our main problem is that my husband, my son, and I all sleep on different schedules, even on vacation, and it was hard to keep my son and I quiet while husband slept in each morning…. My grandparents chose this resort for us in because they had stayed there before and enjoyed it.

We had plenty of room. We had 17 people in our party, so we had a block of rooms, and had no troubles getting the rooms together, and the adjoining rooms were nice. The housekeeping staff were also very friendly and helpful. The resort had two very nice pools that had a lot of attention to detail in regards to the theme.

Our favorite was the arcade. The food court was great and had something for everyone. My favorite part was the market because they had fruit cups and other small items that are great for picky eaters. I also liked that they had cakes available for special occaissions and my family was able to get a birthday cake for me and my brother on our birthday. The busses were nice, and the drivers can always make or break a ride.

The loading areas at the parks were actually relatively close to the entrance ans had a fairly short walk. They were a little more crowded in the evening because we were sharing with the other All Star resorts, but not too bad. However, our last trip we stayed at Sports and it was well received. Our number one reason for staying at the AS is Cheap! In comparison to other resorts this is value. We never spend much time in our rooms anyway, so all we really need is a bed and a shower!

I stayed here in the fall of , and my grandparents were paying for the trip. They chose this resort because they had stayed there before and enjoyed it. They were able to block a row of rooms for our whole family 17 people and our room adjoined to my parents and brother. The rooms were clean and the themed decorations were not overwhelming. The adjoining rooms also helped with the bathroom situation, because if there was someone in yours, the one next door might be empty. The pools were awesome. We also enjoyed browsing in the store or watching movies in the lobby.

As a teenager, I really enjoyed the arcade. My cousins and sisters and I were old enough to go without our parents and still feel safe, and it was open later than they were willing to stay awake. That seemingly unlimited kid energy is easily used up with all of the options for play.

We also enjoyed walking around the resort to look at the other themes and you have to walk through football to get to baseball, so it was also pretty cool to run around on the football field. The food court was awesome. I also happen to be a picky breakfast eater, and had no problems finding something to eat in the morning before heading out to the parks.

So then your options are either to carry around your empty mug all day, or someone has to go back to your room before you leave to drop them off. If you pay the extra for a preferred room, then the walk from your room is also short. The bus stops at the parks are actually surprisingly close to the gates, and sometimes closer than some of the more expensive resorts. I would be willing to stay there again, but probably not likely to stay there. We are Fl. But we are planning in the fall to be pass holders again. We love Disney Sports. We first stayed there when we became passholders and called to make a reservation for a value resort and the Sports had the best deal.

You dont pay the paking fee daily if you stay on site and you can jump on the bus and go with out the fuss of traffic. The rooms are perfect and very clean. I have to say they are the cleanest rooms I have ever stayed in. The front desk is very helpful. We always get a frig and when the kids are little you can have a pak and play sent to your room. They fold up everything when they clean even your own person blankets and pillows. We are night owls so we tend to go to the parks in the mid morning and take a break in the heat of the day.

The biggest plus for staying on site you get extra magic hours and we take advantage of a nice nap during the heat of the day and go back to the park at dinner time and stay till it closes which can be as late as 1am. The only down side to the way we like to stay out late is the food court is closed when we get back so late night snacks have to be planned. You can have pizza delivered to your room up until a certian time at night. And its pretty good pizza but we take alot of our own food to fix in the room and have snacks and drinks on hand.

The refillable mug is so wroth the investment you buy the mug and can refill the mug as much as you want. One thing I would warn you if you want to sit in the food court you should eat at non tradtional times because its very hard to find a seat and is very packed wall to wall. Over all we will never stay off site again we love the sports. We even took our Youth group to the NIght of Joy event and stayed on site the teenagers loved it we had first floor pool side! This resort was on the list that provided transportation to the race and it was the most economical choice.

The room was comfortable. It had 2 double beds, a small table with two chairs, a tv, alarm clock, and standard bathroom. The sink and mirror and not inside the bathroom, just outside the door. It also has an in-room safe. It was just me, so the room was perfectly fine. It would also be ok for me and my husband. The pool area was nice. I did not visit the main pool as there was one closer to my room. I did go in that one and found it to be nice. I really only used the pool and did not use any of the other amenities. I liked the food court. I was able to choose from the various foods and get in and get out without much hastle so no issues there.

The buses were ok. I never had any issues with the service. They seemed to run on time and never had an excessive wait that I remember. From my room, I had quite a walk, maybe minutes. I was not in a preferred location and was quite a ways away. From this experience, I may choose to pay extra for the preferred location next time.

It seems that at most of the parks, you have a furthest walk from the Value Resort stops. Magic Kingdom and Epcot seemed the furthest out of the 4. I am not opposed to staying at All Star Sports again. I think for a family on a budget it allows you to vacation at Disney World and get a good value for the money you pay. The food court works out nicely and the pools offer a nice change of pace from the parks. If you are looking for a more relaxed feel to your vacation, I would choose a moderate or deluxe over a value, but as I stated, the Values offer just that…a good value for the money you pay for a Walt Disney World Vacation.

We chose this resort because it is kid-friendly and affordable. Even though it is considered to be a value resort, there is plenty included in your visit. We loved the sports theme and the pools. The resort rooms were of nice size. We thought they were perfect for a family of 4.

They were clean and comfortable. We definitely found the acceptable for the value price we paid. The amenities were great. The pools were a big hit. They were so nice to relax and play with the kids. The food court was a bonus. It was so easy to use the refillable resort mug and get drinks whenever we wanted. Plus the food was great too!! The food court was awesome! There was quite the selection of food! I got a chicken caesar salad that was the best I have ever had! The resort buses were so convenient. The walk to them did not take long at all. It was so nice to not have to worry about parking.

Plus, them being air conditioned was a huge bonus! The buses were really not that crowded. My husband and I stood a couple of times to allow our children to sit down. It did not bother us, we thought it was fun. Of course we would stay at the resort again!! We love all the value resorts!!!

It was our first trip to Disney as a family. It was my husband, myself, my parents and my 14 month old daughter. The room was a comfortable size, not overly large but we spent a lot of time outside of the room anyway. Mousekeeping was wonderful and even helped us childproof the room! We had enough room for our luggage and even space for the pack and play. I especially liked the fact that the sink was outside of the bathroom. The pools were awesome! We loved having more than one pool to choose from! Having an onsite laundry facility was a must as we travelled from Pennsylvania and luggage space was at a premium.

During our stay there my daughter got sick and the front desk helped us contact an urgent care clinic and arranged for transportation to and from we were there without a car. The fact that complete strangers were so kind really put us at ease. The food court had a great selection and we definitely took advantage of the refillable mugs. My daughter loved the Mickey waffles!

My favorite was the chicken cesear salad. My husband tried just about everything on the menu and had no complaints. There were many healthy options to choose from as well as delicious desserts! Our experiences with the buses varied depending on the day, time of day and destination. We did have a long wait getting back to the resort one day but it was late and a lot of people were leaving Downtown Disney.

It was a short walk to the buses at the hotel and the lines were clearly marked. We were dropped off a reasonable distance from each gate. I did find that they packed the buses really full of people sometimes. Other than that I found the drivers to be very pleasant and so many riders offered me a seat since I was holding our daughter while riding. It was so nice to meet many kind people! We would absolutely stay there again.

Our room was a good size for us, in a quiet location and reasonably priced. All of the staff we encountered were pleasant and very helpful. Overall a wonderful Disney trip! The resort was wonderful we only stayed for two nights though There were only the two of us so the room was just the right size for us and more then acceptable. The food court was amazing! The choices of food were endless. We would most deffinitly stay there again. For 2 or 3, yes, the rooms are large enough for us. They do a great job, really. We were really on a budget but it was still very important to us to stay in the park.

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  6. Not over the top certainly not like when I stayed at the Contemporary or the Grand Floridian , but fine and clean. The bathroom was the main difference — if there had been more than two of us, or if we had not been married, it might have been an issue. The pool was great. I loved having the cafeteria and large gift shop so close to my room — a big plus! We did eat breakfast there one morning and were pleased. The walk to the bus stop was very reasonable, in my opinion. You get all the amenaties of being on resort while still sticking to a budget. We compared this to the campground and were very surprised that this turned out to be more economical for us.

    They were even closer to the bus stops so there was less walking that at the moderate and deluxe resorts. The closeness to the bus stops was teh best amenaty. I also liked how close our room was to the food court. But the buses to the park are still the greates perk of staying at a value resort vs. Althought I always chose this one because the walking is a lot less than if we had stayed at a moderate or deluxe resort.

    At dinner time the pizza was a fast and yummy choice too. However, the wait time is just the same as if you had stayed in a moderate or deluxe resort and the walk to the bus stops is much shorter at the all stars. This is my favorite. We were volunteering at a robotics competition being held at the ESPN venue. This was one of two and the cheapest hotels that they had contracted rates for, except that they ran out of rooms at the discounted rate and we ended up paying full price anyway.

    We decided to stay here because others from the competition were staying here. We stayed a few extra days so that we could enjoy the parks. We had read ahead of time that the bathrooms were bigger in the king sized bed rooms so we asked for a king size bed on our reservation since there was only the two of us and we received it. The bathroom was very spacious in order to accommodate a wheelchair but we heard others complaining that there was barely enough room to close the door without hitting the toilet. I was very disappointed for a number of reasons.

    Some of the basics were not there. No hand lotion. No Q-tips. No nothing else. The toilet paper disintegrated upon contact. The rooms are not sound proof at all. The room next door stayed up until 2 a. People walking down the outside corridor could be heard very clearly. The shower drain did not drain very fast and the fan timer did not work. After mentioning this to the front desk, it was fixed that same day. On the plus side — we had stayed out till after 3 a. We put out the privacy notice so we could sleep in and they left a bag with clean towels, soap and toilet paper on our door.

    They printed out our boarding passes without asking and left them on our door. They made the arrangements for our travel back to the airport. So the fact that you get free transportation to the parks and the airport are reasons to stay on Disney property. Did not eat at the food court due to the prices.

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    In addition, Disney is an all Coke resort, whereas we are Pepsi and Dr. Pepper people. The resort buses were a great way to get around. The walk was acceptable to the bus. The walk to and from the gates was acceptable. There were times when the buses were so crowded that the aisles were filled with people standing up, particularly in the evenings, particularly to Downtown Disney. I was glad we stayed at the All Sports, rather than Music or Movies since we were the first pick up and always got a seat, plus we were the first stop for drop off.

    A little inconvenient that the Downtown Disney bus also stopped at Blizzard Beach during daytime hours but I understand it from a bus efficiency standpoint. It just seemed to add so much time to the trip. Cannot be combined with any other discount or special offer. Outdoor attractions are weather permitting. Coupon must be printed. Looking for a place to hold your next event? We have the space! From family reunions, company picnics, bridal and baby showers to graduations, business meetings and sport team banquets - we do it all!

    Our private Event Center will seat your group from 20 people to ! A separate building from the main arcade, that is heated, air conditioned, has full kitchen amenities and it's own restrooms! Quiet, but yet close to the action! You can plan to just use the space or pair it up with one of our many play and food options! Many options available for adding table linens, audio visual equipment, catering and security. The free token offer cannot be combined with any other free birthday party offers.