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Warren County New Jersey. But there is one major couponing strategy that's woefully underused by casual shoppers, and it takes hardly any work at all.

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We're talking about double coupons. The uninitiated might think that double couponing means you have to seek out special coupons or constantly carry around two of every coupon, but that's not it. It means the store gives you twice the discount on whatever coupon you use. All you have to do is hand a coupon to the cashier and the register will automatically double it. Simple, right?

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  4. Yes, but not as simple as it used to be. It's almost always free to join these programs, so definitely sign up before you check out. What's your doubling limit? This means that if you have a 75 cent coupon for a bottle of shampoo and the store's limit is 50 cents, you can use the coupon, but it won't double.

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    What's your limit on doubling "like" coupons? Some stores will double only a certain number of coupons for the same amount and the same product.

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