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Like any game you level up with experience points XP and until this update players could reach up to Level That cap has been increased to 60 - a feature that will benefit advanced players who've been stuck at 50 for a while now. Users can also upgrade their energy bar 10 more levels up to Level 30 from the previous max Level 20 giving them a total energy boost of on top of how much energy your cookie can manage. We however have noticed that the energy bar appears to drain faster.

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To celebrate this milestone a couple of events are ongoing. The invite event also resets back to zero.

Invite anywhere from 1 to 50 new friends and you get a host of prizes including another crystals if you invite Thankfully you also earn points faster so you don't lose out because of this adjustment. There are also mid-sized gold coins smaller than the ones that Gold Drop produces that are worth coins that make earning coins easier. The much welcome changes have made the game better overall and for long-time players also provide a much needed palette cleanse.

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View your profile page here OR Click close to continue. I've read the Rappler privacy statement , site use policy , comment moderation policy. They told us to wait for more to come. Each stage has 3 mini missions that award one blue star each.

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With stars you get a new treasure last picture. Just a piece of advice: Mission list for the first 14 floors on the right click to enlarge. Be creative with those treasures you thought you would never use.

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Personally I think this is so messed up… Because the main plot of this game is about cookies running away from the oven of a witch. This seems like genocide or cannibalism to me… Anyway. There are four types of Fortune Cookies: Brown, Silver, Gold and Rainbow.

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After you get one by succeeding a mission, you need to bake it on the oven to be able to open it and get a random prize from the list on the right. You can buy two more ovens using coins and the time needed for each type of cookie is 30min, 6h, 24h and 72h respectively. When the bar above his head fills up, he rides on a giant whale.

His body is similar to Snow Sugar or Blackberry Cookie in movement.