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Pokemon Team Up Out Now! I think Cardfight Vanguard made by Bushiroad is a strong challenger to Konami, and competition is great for everyone. Konami is giving out calculators and playmats now, while Bushiroad give free tournament packs and promo cards. It is getting better and better. I just bought off your website like 2 weeks ago!

I got all the cards in perfect condition and some free sleeves out of it. Reasonable price and very quick shipping. I'll definitely be buying from you guys again. Hello really loyal buyer here 15times So I was thinking bout shipping prices international i see you count in sleeve price,but should the loyal buyers get larger discounts or sometimes free shipping also I like cheap prices on REDU SE. Thanks for being a loyal customer and pointing out where we really shine against our competiton! We sell our cards at a very small mark up.

Thanks again, Mike. Also, on this kind of product, if you buy 30 ot at a time, we can get the price lower for you, sometimes lower than other places buy them for. Call or email us, as always. Thanks again. We do open every pack, manually, in our store. Our in-store customers sometimes visit to see what we get in the packs, and get as excited as we do. It is always a "treasure hunt" for us. The new tins will be alot of fun.

I can vouch for this! I was just in the store today and they were opening up for singles from the latest Structure Deck, amongst other packs. Hi yes, we open every pack to make sure the cards are uncirculated mint condition, never played or used.

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If you come to our shop, you will most likely see us opening up packs. Your Sales are incredible The coupon code is reddit. Aha, I wondered if it was just some sort of test of the sale system or something Anyway, good to know! About 20 single cards, 8 packs of sleeves and 5 REDU special editions. I guess what I am saying is that the international postage price is worth it if you are buying in bulk. Hi, The insurance and shipping costs are very high for us outside the USA, but we want to make sure that you get your product, and if something happens, your investment is protected with us.


We appreciate your business, as always. Thanks for being a loyal customer. We will try to continue to offer more discounted coupons to help ease the shipping cost. Make sure to take the 1-cent Frozen Fitzgerald pack special, too! Thanks for being a great customer! We really apptrciate your business, and we are hoping you are enjoying the game! I don't know If you are still here or not, but, you sell sleeves on the website, why not deck boxes? Or maybe I just haven't found them yet. We do sell deck boxes in our store, just not online. Hey, Mike! I was just in the shop earlier, talking to you even about how y'all were doing this AMA?

Just wanted to say thanks again for the hospitality that I always get there, and for the fantastic deals and service. You guys rock!

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We appreciate your business, as always! Hope to see you at the next tournament if you can make it. I've been busy with work and school, so it's been difficult to balance everything in my schedule, but I definitely plan to!

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Oh, and if you guys ever need an extra Judge for Yugioh tournaments, I've just become one as of about a month ago, and would love to have my first official "gig" be with you guys! I understand about work and school. That's awesome! We have 2 judges now, but may be looking for more soon! Are you going to sell the promo pack of the hanzo tin, for how much? We will be selling the Hanzo Tin and the individual cards. We are not sure we will be seling the promo pack inside by itself, but we are thinking about it.

We have decided to sell the promo packs of Hanzo and Heliopolos, and they should be a live pre-order later today once we have more tins in stock to bust open and have the invoices so we can accurately price them. All tin cards, tins and promo packs should be up for pre-order today. I'm sure it's already been mentioned, but your website needs quite a bit of work to stand up to other e-commerce sites in the YuGiOh world.

20% Off Yugioh Mint Coupon more Promo Codes February

While I'm sure you have your own back-end for listing and databasing your inventory, I always like to mention CrystalCommerce. They're the team behind the sites run by ideal and the like. My business used to run on it, and it was much easier to manage. I appreciate the recommendation. We program our own website, so we are not looking for 3rd parties at the moment. It costs too much for us, and we strive to keep our card costs as low as possible. Tony and Michael are great guys at Ideal Collectibles out of Hawaii, and thery have a great website.

We do have an update scheduled for later in the year and will be testing it shortly. We are taking suggestions from our customers, and plan to implement the ones we can fit in that everyone wants. We think it will be one of the best websites on the Internet. Our patent pending technology makes our current website the safest in the world with bit military encryption, data file dumping and data destruction sequencing.

Most people do not know that anything you put on the internet stays there forever, but our site destroys the data within 60 milliseconds, so it is almost impossible to capture 1 in 70 trillion odds , and is destoyed so no one will ever be able to view it. We are very proud of this accomplishent that keeps all of our customers safe.

Do you ship to anywhere on the world? And if you do, what's the average price? More cards cost more to ship? We do ship almost anywhere in the wotld by US mail, except for a few high risk places, where we cannot insure our product. Hi, I just wanted to ask if you guys do pre-orders?

I wanted to use the code to pre-order some Madolche Queen Tiaramisus? If not, how soon does your site sell singles of new sets? I am aware that the reddit code would not work then. Thanks for doing this AMA and actually answering people's questions by the way! We do limited pre-orders, but when we do, we have to have the product in hand and the invoice to go with it.

We value our customers too much. I am sure everyone remembers Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon that every site on the planet pre-sold except us, and the card was cancelled a couple of times, and we gained many customers this way since eveyone was upset with the places that did pre-orders. We have the Hanzo and Heliopolos Tins in stock, before anyone else, but we are evaluating what to place the prices at based on the very limited volume and pricing.

Many customers of other places are going to be upset and disapointed, but we are confident our customers will be happy. Also, we will be shipping our pre-orders this Tuesday. The other companies that are taking all those pre-orders may not ship for days or weeks later, so our customers will get their product before eveyone else, anyway. Sorry guys, the secret is out now! Hi, We appreciate your business. I look forward to your order.

I dont quite get that.


Hi, We get that alot. Thanks for asking, and I look forward to your order on our website. Make sure to take the 1-cent Frozen Fitzgerald pack special, as well! Hey, I'm not sure whether or not you'll read this, I live in Australia so unfortunately I was most likely sleeping when you were on but I just wanted to say that I really love your website and your cards are by far the cheapest out there even with shipping.

I do have one gripe however, and that is the "0.